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Raja Bahadur Shailendra Narayan Singhdeo is the present ornamental Rajasaheb of Hindol. He ascended the hereditary Gaadi on 12th July 1991. Now he passes most of his time at Hindol royal palace and tries to renovate it.  He was keen in attaching the palace for commercial and tourism interest. According to him, the palace is a beautiful place to stay with for  enjoying  the tradition,  customs and heritage of Odisha's royalty. Anybody with a slight inclination towards nature and Odia culture will fall in love at  first sight  in Hindol.


The 1963 Born Rajaseb of Hindol Shri Shailendra Narayan Singdeo is a very polite, cordial and down to earth personality. He has completed his school and college education at Bhubaneswar. He is known as an alumnae of Stewart school, St Josseph school and Maharshi college of Natural Law in Bhubaneswar. He also has a brief span of 3 to 4 months in Rajkumar College at Raipur. This college was made in contribution of  the heads of the Princely states during the British rule to educate the young members of the Royal families of Odisha, Chhatishgarh and Jharkhand. Now it is known as a premiere institution  with high value and also allowed to  students of any category.


While talking with the writer about the days at Hindol, the Rajasaheb turned quite emotional and expressed his passion towards protecting the royal heritage as it is.

Every summer and winter vacation of school and DurgaPuja  holidays we spent at Hindol in the company of my family of seven sisters and parents. Of course the extended family were there too with nephews, nieces and cousins, uncles and aunts. Those used to be the golden years of my life, forever unforgettable said Raja saheb while discussing on his childhood at Hindol House.


Earliest memories of driving to Hindol is the icy cold weather is still recalls the past days at Hindol. We invariably used to arrive after dark and would be on the look out to spot wild animals by the light of our car. The summer night was a sight to see with the hill raging with forest fires looking like orange necklaces hanging on the skies. It's all changed now, the cold has reduced drastically and the forest fires also reduced ... thankfully.

When asked about his interest and inclination towards politics, he sorrowfully expressed his suffering in today's reservation politics. He said " I'm most interested in politics.. academically but where is the scope of my entering the field in a reserved constituency.

His ancestors had welcomed the leaders of Prajamandal during the freedom struggle. and peacefully handed over the rein to their leaders to avoid any disturbance to the populace. Though the neighbors like Dhenkanal has seen great refusal of their king during Prajamandal movement, but here the leaders of Prajamandal welcomed the ruler with garland of flowers to the freedom struggle.  After merger the natives of Hindol had offered the recognised king( popularly known as Budharaja  and his son ( yubraj) to stand in election as their representative, but Yubraj Pratap Chandra refused the proposal.  So the Budharaja Rajasaheb Nabakishore Singdeo asked his younger son Pattayat Kumund Chandra sing to stand for the election. He was elected twice to state legislative Assembly in 1957 and 1962 . The seat was reserved for a certain category in 1972 so the scope of entering into politics for the royal family was stopped.  Now Raja Shailendra Singhdeo is awaiting for a day to contest and to be elected as the representative of Hindol to serve them.

Catching Bats which are in abundance in house of Hindol without bitten used to be one of the pastime of Sj Singdeo. He also travel all around Hindol and records the traditions, lifestyle of people.  According to him: the nights of Hindol are fantastic, the utter quietness was overwhelming and the amazing sound of the jungle night life were totally unforgettable.

He got married to Ranisahiba Sukrutiprabha Singhdeo, daughter of Dinesh Pratap Singh of Kasmanda.  He has two sons named Rajkumar Kapilendra Mohan and Rajkumar Dinendra Pratap Singdeo

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