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Antardrishti: A timeless legacy, in memory of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra

Bandana Mishra

January 30,2019

Moving towards excellence and inspired by the genius of legendary Guru KelucharanMohapatra, a  collaboration between Srjan- Guru KelucharanMohapatraOdissiNrityabasa and Guru KelucharanMohapatraOdissi Research Centre, was held at RabindraMandap, Bhubaneswar on January 8, 2019 to commemorate Guruji’s 93rd Birth Anniversary.                                                                                                                 
This year, Antardrishti was a beautiful amalgamation of dance and music, featuring four Odissi recitals and a musical fusion to conclude the evening. The programme commenced with an Odissi recital by Sushree Riddhi Bhattacharya, who presented Jaya Mahesha, a prayer to Lord Shiva. A disciple of Sri RatikantMohapatra, Riddhi is a bright young talent and one of the future faces of Odissi dance in her generation. Her dedicated and committed training at Srjan from a very young age was reflected in her crisp movements and commendable stage presence. Jaya Maheshawas choreographed by Guru RatikantMohapatra, and set to Raag- Ragamalikaand Taal- Talamalika.


Riddhi’s performance was followed by Bharati Mishra’s presentation of ArabiPallavi, set to RaagAarabi and Ekatali, a pure dance presentation, choreographed by the legendary maestro Guru KelucharanMohapatra and set to the music composition of Pt. Bhubaneswar Mishra. Bharati is a very promising and talented disciple of Smt. Leena Nanda, and is undergoing training at the Guru KelucharanMohapatraOdissi Research Centre. She presented this fine composition of Guruji, with technical prowess and a deep understanding of the accompanying music and rhythm.

Rajashri Praharaj’s performance was the highlight of the evening, with her captivating presentation of a RamBhajanSri RamachandraKrupaluBhajamana, composed by Saint Tulsidas.  Rajashri, a disciple of Guru RatikantaMohapatra, is an established soloist and a recipient of the UstadBismillah Khan YuvaPuraskarfrom the Central SangeetNatakAkademi.Her presentation for the evening, depicting the various glorious facets of Lord Rama, was choreographed by her Guru,RatikantMohapatra, to the music compositionof SriPradip Kumar Das set toRagamalika and Talamalika. The grace and poise of the GuruKelucharanMohapatragharana of Odissi was clearly reflected in Rajashri’s presentation.

The evening’s final solo was presented by Meera Das, a senior disciple of Guru KelucharanMohapatra. She presented an Ashtapadi, from poet Jayadeva'sGeetaGovinda- Sakhi he KeshiMathanaMudaram, a classic choreography by Guruji, to Pt. Bhubaneswar Mishra's soulful music composition. Meera Das upheld the beauty of this classical style with experience and grace, by delivering an effortless performance that revolved around the intense feelings of Radha’s passion, as she described her night of union with her beloved, Lord Krishna.

The programme concluded with a scintillating musical jugalbandi of Flute and Violin by Sri AgnimitraBehera and Sri SrinibasSatapathy, two of the most prominent and reputed classical musicians of Odisha. They were accompanied by Sri Nanda on the Tabla and Sri Vaibhav on percussion.



Aided by the brilliant light design by Sri Debiprasad Mishra, the evening was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by dance critic Tapati chowdhurie,Ramahari Das ,LaxmikantaPalit Sri RatikantMohapatra, Director, Srjan, Smt. SangitaGosain, Chief Executive, GKCM Odissi Research Centre and other distinguished guests. Many respected members of the art community, dancers, and critics were also present to pay their respects and homage to Guruji.